Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Pandora Bracelet

Hi there everyone! One of my Christmas presents I received this year was a Pandora bracelet plus a charm. Now, before receiving this I was weary of these bracelets because of the high level of potential addictiveness. It could be dangerous considering how expensive the charms can be. I saw one that was $600 dollars! Contrary to my precaution I love my bracelet. It really is beautiful. The charm is a little purse with a pink jewel on it. These bracelets are kind of a thing in my family. All the girls have them. I am part of the club now I guess!

With my bracelet, I also got the catalog which I should never have looked at because now I want every darn charm in that thing. They are all so beautiful. I think I will circle the ones I really want so that when Christmas rolls around again I can ask for them.

I do recommend these bracelets as presents or just a splurge for yourself. They are really pretty and add character to any outfit!

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