Monday, February 4, 2013

To Do's

So I am just going to share a list of To Do's I have just in case there is anything that you might like to add to your list!

1. Cook up a sweet treat (preferably a recipe for some amazing looking cinnamon roll sugar cookies I saw in a magazine. . . I didn't take a pic of them because I was worried about copy right or something)

2. Make Barbie doll clothes with my sewing machine

3. Do some little organizing touches with my room using a command hook for my headbands and some little containers from the dollar store.

4. Plan a super fun winter formal night with my girlies (We're thinking fast food restaurant when we're all dolled up and bring balloons and confetti!)

5. Study super hard for this big test because the prize for best average score of a group is cake! I feel pretty confident in my group.

6. Keep practicing my dances

7. Paint my nails!!!

I hope this gives you some ideas for your week, month, or maybe even year. Just remember, starting with the small stuff will help make life so much easier!

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